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July 2019: Ezra writes an op-ed for DIVA magazine which will go out in their "Pride" print edition.

Media and Outreach: 2019

April 2019: Ezra speaks to Pink News about pronoun labels at Brighton Council.


April 2019: Ezra speaks to the Guardian about LGBT and Muslim solidarity.


April 2019: Drew speaks to BBC Radio Sheffield about Brunei's anti-gay laws and the role Hidayah plays in LGBT Muslim communities.

April 2019: Ezra speaks to the BBC Local Democracy Radio Service about LGBT Muslim issues and a book given out to children at a school in the UK called "Daddy's Roommate".

March 2019: Ezra speaks to Socialist Worker about sex and relationships education and how it relates to LGBTQI Muslims.


March 2019: Ezra does an interview for Sky News speaking about the Parkfield protests and No Outsiders. It is broadcast on the 6 o clock news.

March 2019: Ezra speaks to Press Association about Parkfield, some homophobic graffiti and RSE, and that story is passed to the Daily Mail and thirty other small local newspapers.


March 2019: Ezra is featured in an op-ed for i News about Parkfield and LGBT Muslims.


March 2019: Osman speaks to BBC Radio Kent about his experiences as a gay Muslim man, and his opinion on the SRE debate.

February 2019: Ezra writes an op-ed for the Metro about educating young people about LGBTQI Muslims.