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Hidayah believes in being visible at Pride, social and educational events to help spread awareness that LGBTQI+ Muslims exist! These photos are from Hidayah events and entries in Prides.

Pride and visibility


Take a look at our media appearances. Our media involvement and pieces are sorted by year in order to show Hidayah's development over time and the development of our press strategy and involvement


A note to the media:

Part of our visibility as an organisation and our vision, is ensuring that we are seen and heard. We recognise that working with the media and outreach, where possible, is the way to do this. Please see our recent successes here, and contact us for more information. Time permitting, we will aim to respond to media enquiries within 24 hours. Please note that we are a volunteer-led organisation and so we may not be able to respond or meet people from the media instantly as our committee and volunteers are based around the United Kingdom.


Hidayah worked alongside the Naz and Matt Foundation and the Documentary Maker Sonia Singh to create 'Muslim Pride.' This documentary focuses on the lives of LGBTQI+ Muslims within the United Kingdom. Filmed at Hidayah's first birthday party in December 2017, it highlights the lived reality of many LGBTQI+ Muslims, their daily struggles, the issues they face and the ways in which they reconcile Islam and their sexuality. 


In 2018/2019 BMSDemocracy and Hidayah partnered up for the pilot of the supporting minority Muslims campaign which seeks to work with LGBTQI+ Muslims, Black Muslims, and minority sect Muslims such as Ahmadiyyah Muslims. 


To amplify the voices of minority Muslims, Hidayah and BMSDemocracy wanted to build understanding through dialogue and open discussion. Four roundtable discussions based on the intersecting topics of identity, sexuality, gender, and faith were created and were widely attended by people from all walks of life, Muslim and non Muslim. 


Through our roundtables the MET police asked us to host our 5th roundtable during hate crime awareness week to police officers and practitioners. 


We would like to personally thank BMSDemocracy, our volunteers, our membership and all those that attended the roundtable discussions that made them a success. 

In 2018, we launched our second campaign titled 'Shoebox Appeal'. During this campaign we received donated food from City Harvest in London, we then cooked the food, packed the food and then delivered the food to the homeless in and around Kings Cross. Please check out our photographs on the slideshow.

In 2017, we launched our first campaign titled 'LGBTQI+ Muslim Visibility'. Photographs were kindly taken by the Naz and Matt Foundation for Hidayah. Please check out our campaign photographs on the slideshow.

Social justice campaigns