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Get involved

Hidayah has a range of different activities that you can get involved in no matter what your confidence level:


  • Just want to meet others for social events? We run a range of social activities across the UK, from London, Birmingham and Manchester (with plans to spread even further). 

  • Want to join one of our educational workshops? From debating sexuality and Islam to LGBTQI+ issues and sexual health, we will have a topic that will interest you.

  • Ready to be visible? We know that not all people are. However, for those who are, perhaps you would like to march with us at Pride events?

  • Want to campaign for LGBTQI+ Muslims and equality? Why not contact us and we can discuss how we can work together to do this.

Check out our calendar

Hidayah run regular events across the United Kingdom, in places as far as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Bristol. Click on the dates here to find out more details (time, location and venue) or join our mailing list for regular updates. You can also check our social media as we regularly update our meeting details. Hidayah also operate "contact points" - cities across the whole country that you can be met for a coffee and a one on one chat with one of our volunteers. These contact points are: Glasgow; Dundee; Newcastle; Newport; Bradford; Blackburn; Aberdeen; Middlesborough; Cardiff; Edinburgh. You can also be met in a contact point fashion in any of our cities in which we run support groups.