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Hidayah is an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation. We are entirely volunteer-led and managed via a committee of elected members. Hidayah is a secular organisation, however its projects and activities are developed specifically for the needs of LGBT+ Muslims.


Our vision: “To ensure that the voices of LGBT+ Muslims are heard and understood.”

Our mission: “To provide support and welfare for LGBTQI+ Muslims and promote social justice and education about the Muslim LGBT+ community to counter discrimination, prejudice and injustice.”

Our objectives:

  1. To increase visibility and promote the voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims within our own communities as well as within wider society.

  2. To produce informative resources regarding LGBTQI+ Muslim issues that can be used as education tools by various institutions and organisations

  3. To provide training and guidance on diversity and inclusion regarding the issues and obstacles LGBTQI+ Muslims face in the UK

  4. To provide opportunities for LGBTQI+ Muslims to network and gain support from their peers in addition to developing ideas and resources to aid the personal development of LGBTQI+ Muslims.


Our Constitution:

We believe in being open and transparent. We are a membership organisation and members (or the public) can download and read our constitution here:

Why we are needed:

Whilst homosexuality and Islam has a complicated history ranging from acceptance and accommodation to outside persecution, many LGBT+ Muslims in the United Kingdom face secrecy, hostile prejudice, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, family exile, forced marriage, honour based violence and in rare cases, death. Despite negative attitudes toward LGBT+ populations reducing significantly in the United Kingdom (British Social Attitudes Survey, 2016) and the LGBT+ rights movement making significant legal and social changes, the effects of these changes are not always felt by many LGBT+ Muslims both in their own communities and outside of them.

A study by Channel 4 (2016) found that when Muslim populations in the UK were asked to what extent they agreed or disagreed that homosexuality should be legal in Britain, 18% said they agreed and 52% said they disagreed, compared with 5% among the public at large who disagreed. Whilst attitudes within the Muslim community are shifting slowly, and it is a positive step that not even half of the population surveyed show negativity toward LGBT+ Muslims, the lived reality for many is still very difficult. There are positive ‘coming out’ stories happening (see our case study section on this website) and we are seeing a rise in LGBT+ Muslims speaking out. More work is being done to address our specific needs around sexuality, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, culture and immigration status, but more must be done. It has been said about LGBT+ Muslims that:

“Change is happening, it’s just slow and it will take years of conversations” (The Independent, 2016). In response to this, academics such as Rahman (2014) have argued that one important way to challenge this perceived negativity is to produce further knowledge about the experiences and identities of LGBT+ Muslims. Here at Hidayah we exist to do this and to support those LGBT+ Muslims who need a place to feel safe and supported, as well as being a voice, providing educational workshops and campaigning for social justice so that this change happens sooner.

Who we are


Click the PDF below to view our annual report. It covers our progress over the year and an overview of our activity.

Annual Report

These are elected volunteers and none of the committee are paid for their work with Hidayah. Our team are spread all over the UK. If you would like to contact one us, please email us: info@hidayahlgbt.co.uk

Chair | Shelina

My name is Shelina and I am one of the co-founders of Hidayah and the position I hold on the board is Chair. My professional background lies is in the corporate world. Prior to creating Hidayah, I used to run events for various other charities. I identify as a lesbian and I am passionate in helping LGBTQI+ Muslims by creating a safe space and supporting those that want/need/require it. I look forward to continue to working with the rest of the management committee to continue to build on the successes of Hidayah thus far Insha’Allah.

Deputy Chair | Samie

Hello, my name is Samie I’m currently based in Edinburgh and have recently completed as Master’s degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. I am Arab, Iranian and identify as queer and therefore sensitive to the particular challenges queer Muslim must negotiate in order to live their authentic lives. I joined Hidayah’s committee recently and look forward to supporting all volunteers who are generous enough to pledge some times to our increasingly vital cause.

Secretary | Osman

My name is Osman I initially heard about Hidayah through listening to a feature on the radio. I identify as a gay Muslim man and have had to overcome many social issues around my sexuality and religion. I feel passionate about helping people who identify as Muslim and LGBTQI+. I would like to help create a safe space place for Muslim LGBTQI+ and help support people who are struggling with their identity. I currently work in higher education and volunteer with various LGBTQI+ charities and have helped organise a social group here at my University. I am part of a growing LGBTQI+ network based in Glasgow.  I look forward to working with Hidayah to help build stronger bond between LGBTQI+ community and the Muslim community.

Treasurer | Kyle

Hello! I’m Kyle, and I’ve been a supporter and volunteer with Hidayah for the past year, after first joining the Hidayah team at London Pride in July 2018. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to see both the social side and the advocacy work of Hidayah up close, and the real impact that the organisation has. I have worked in the third sector since graduating, and have spent the last four and half years working in the Finance team of a national UK charity, experience that I’m now hoping to bring to the role of Treasurer. I’m excited to be able to contribute more to the organisation, and to see Hidayah continue to grow.

​Community Outreach Officer | Farina

My name is Farina, I originally started up a safe space for Muslim LGBTQIA+ Muslims in Bristol and have joined Hidayah LGBT to expand the resources and support available to Muslims in Bristol. I identify as a queer Muslim woman and have always battled with self identity as either being queer, or being Muslim. This battle I learnt was not just exclusive to me, and this was the reason I wanted to create and be part of a movement that encourages people to be both. The work that Hidayah LGBT do to promote, educate and encourage Muslims to find peace with their identity is so vital, and to be able to be a part of this is an extreme privilege. 

Marketing and Communications Officer | Mo

Hello there, I'm Mo - living in the midlands. I am a business owner in the healthcare industry and I also volunteer as events first aider. I have studied computer science, leadership for health and social care, and strategic management. Sexuality and identity in any culture is something that needs to be talked about more, especially in communities like ours. It is such a shame that so many people suffer more than they need to, and often in silence. It is my hope that through education, awareness can be raised and hearts opened to a point where safe spaces are no longer needed. But during this journey I am proud of Hidayah's work to be able to offer such spaces. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or require any support.

Education Officer | Khalil

Hi. My name is Khalil and I am a lecturer in Teacher Training and Education Theory. I am also currently conducting my PhD where I am looking into children's views and perceptions of British values alongside their own identities. As Hidayah Education Officer, I hope that I can assist in bringing change to the stigma associated with LGBT+ Muslims by working with the younger generations. I look forward to creating a positive awareness at Universities; anyone can have your own identity and be Muslim.

Education Officer | Mubeen

Hi I’m Mubeen (he/him/his) a Londoner and identify as a gay man. I work in a variety of different educational settings in management and training. I'm in my element when I am in nature with a camera, listening to stories from friends and family and binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. There is so much beauty in the world, let’s expose that!

Our Committee