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Maria Munir said: "Stonewall recognises the discrimination faced by LGBTQI+ people of faith, both in faith communities and in LGBTQI+ communities, and also the richness and value of these identities and experiences. We are delighted to see the growth in networks and groups, like Hidayah, who work to support, champion and celebrate LGBTQI+ people of faith and are working with them for acceptance without exception."

Welcome to Hidayah

You have come to the right place if you are:

  • Feeling conflicted

  • Feeling alone

  • Looking to make new friends

  • Looking for support

  • Trying to reconcile with your faith

  • Needing support with mental health

  • Needing support with family / friends


We have groups and events around the UK, get in touch with us if you would like to join as a member or if you would like to support us to grow and reach more people like yourself. If we do not currently operate in your area, speak to us to see if we can work with you to bring Hidayah to your city and expand the visibility of LGBTQI+ Muslims.

Remember - you are not alone.

If you require immediate support or are at risk, then please contact your local health or emergency department. Or call the Samaritans free on 116 123. They will listen to you, provide signposting and can help in stressful situations. This is confidential and will not show on your phone bill.

Winner of "Charity & Community Initiative Award 2019" - LGBTQ North East

Nominated "National Diversity Award 2019" - Community Awards ( ITV News )

Annual report - 2019 has now been published. Click here to check it out!


The word 'Hidayah' derives from the Arabic word for 'guidance.' Hidayah is a nationwide organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United Kingdom. We campaign for social justice to defeat the stigma, taboo and discrimination faced by many within our communities and to give LGBTQI+ Muslims a voice and visibility to gain social acceptance and change. We offer community and educational workshops as well as safe spaces to meet and socialise with other LGBTQI+ Muslims and aspire to create a society free from discrimination. We are a mixture of both practising and non-practising Muslims and although we are a secular organisation we develop our activities for LGBTQI+ Muslims. However, we do not exclude people and we warmly welcome non-Muslim allies, friends and family to all of our events. We have a  zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination and operate a non-judgemental atmosphere in our social groups and events.

What does Hidayah mean?


Rabia Mirza said: "My organisation BMSDemocracy partnered with Hidayah for the pilot of our campaign "supporting minority Muslims". I have been blown away by the sheer grass roots reach and mobilisation of Hidayah run entirely by volunteers. This is truly a movement made by LGBTQI+ Muslims for LGBTQI+ Muslims. Hidayah is a vital network created to support vulnerable LGBTQI+ Muslims and has grown through necessity. We could not have partnered with a better organisation. I know Hidayah will reach greater milestones in the near future due to their ever growing grass roots people power."

PC June Alison Durant said: "As the Hate Crime Coordinating Officer for Haringey and Enfield, National Hate Crime awareness week is a very busy and important observance. I wanted the 2019 observance to be less tokenistic and to address current affairs like Relationship and Sex Education. Having attended and participated in a similar discussion, I knew that I had to have Hidayah LGBTQI+ support and facilitate the conversation for me. The professionalism exhibited and mutual respect encouraged ensured that a somewhat sensitive topic was discussed and debated in a manner that promoted empathy, knowledge, challenge, introspection and in some cases personal growth. The Team at Hidayah LGBTQI+ are of the highest calibre with such astute prowess that any subject is sensitively addressed, empathic and thought provoking. With evolving multi-cultural London and the embellishments of intersectionality, Hidayah LGBTQI+ are a welcome ally that any organisation and individual would greatly benefit from working in collaboration with."

Hidayah rely on donations to support us as we are entirely volunteer-led. Please donate to us to help us to continue our valuable work.


Your kind donations will help us with the following:

  • Cover volunteer expenses

  • Purchase resources and materials for campaigns

  • Faciliate events for volunteers and members

  • Hire safe spaces for social and educational events

  • Launch campaigns for LGBTQI+ visibility

  • Expand and grow our community, and reach many others who are suffering in silence.

The donation amount is your choice, however we suggest somwhere between £20 to £100 in order to make a real difference. Please click on the button below to make a secure payment using your credit or debit card. Thank you for your support.


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